Why Not?

There are so many “Questionable” things that need 2B done in this world, and I am more than happy 2B the one doing them!

  1. Create a white wall in my house and write my bucket list on it
  2. Crowd surf /Stage Dive
  3. Build a tree house
  4. Take part in a police car chase
  5. Shoot a gun
  6. Spend a night in Jail
  7. Get into a cab and yell “FOLLOW THAT CAR”!
  8. Run into a store, ask what year it is and when answered yell ” IT WORKED” and run out!
  9. Go to Ikea and hide in one of the closets, once someone opens it yell “FOR NARNIA”!
  10. Crash a wedding and scream “DON’T MARRY THAT PERSON” @ a wedding then run out
  11. Dress up like belle from beauty and the beast and spend an afternoon in a bookstore
  12. Introduce myself to a stranger as Simon and have a conversation with that person in the third person
  13. Go to a movie theatre that’s playing a horror movie and randomly grab people at very intense moments
  14. Bid on something ridiculously expensive during an auction then run out or pretend to be stupid
  15. Sit next to a stranger on a park bench, slip him an envelope with a friend’s picture in it and whisper to him “it has to look like an accident” then walk away
  16. Prank text “I hid the body” to a random number
  17. Prank call my old school principal
  18. Take funny pictures with statues
  19. High five a don’t walk hand street sign
  20. Slide down a firehouse pole
  21. Teach Strangers a ghetto song
  22. Make a Vanilla pudding, put it in a Mayo Jar and eat it in public
  23. Hire two Private investigators and have them follow each other
  24. Throw a drink in someone face
  25. Apply to be on a reality show
  26. Actually Join a reality show
  27. Sing a duet with a famous singer
  28. Participate in a treasure hunt
  29. Participate in a water gun war
  30. Participate in an Easter egg hunt
  31. Participate in a life size the Monopoly pub crawl
  32. Participate in a life size Monopoly game
  33. Participate in the largest human domino in the world
  34. Ride a mechanical bull
  35. Dive into a bowling alley
  36. Coin a word in a Dictionary
  37. Visit someone famous’s grave
  38. Eat an entire chicken by myself with my hands like they do in the Egyptian movies!
  39. Contact someone with my same name
  40. Fart in an elevator then SCREAM who did it
  41. Get a 4 hand massage
  42. Get a fish pedicure
  43. Get stiches in a third world country
  44. Take a photo a day for a year
  45. Watch all the movies that have won Oscars up to that year
  46. Tell my parents that I’m pregnant and that I don’t know who the father is just to see their reaction
  47. Max out my credit card/cards
  48. Stall traffic and refuse to move my car and when people ask me why I just say na7asa (cus. i can) !
  49. Spend an entire day as a man and see if I can actually get away with it
  50. Ride the subway for an entire day aimlessly and discover new places
  51. Ride the luggage rolling trail
  52. Body paint
  53. Play messy paint twister
  54. Play bubble soccer
  55. Stay in at least 5 literature worthy weird hotels
  56. Go through a professional Maze
  57. Watch a Movie at a Drive-In Movie Theater
  58. Watch a movie in the park
  59. Tour the Titanic Wreckage At the Bottom of the Atlantic