I am what I like to call a “Fashboy” (a fashionable tomboy)!

I am a very adventurous person and can rugged it out with the best of them but I will not compromise on style while doing it!!!

My sense of style just like some of the items on my Bucket list is somewhat questionable, you either LOVE it or HATE it , sometimes you might LATE it (have mixed emotions ) …. If you haven’t noticed yet, I like to make up words!



It’s very simple; a crisp white shirt, a little black dress, a bold structured blazer, the perfect white T, a pair of skinny jeans, a biker leather jacket, a killer pair of heels and a statement necklace, make up what I like to call “the essential fashion groups of a healthy and stylish wardrobe!”… ok, maybe not that simple!

Through the voice of يةZoeال, based on the number one stylist, Rachel Zoe, I will be showcasing fashion trends, street style looks, and introducing you guys to new and upcoming local and international designers.

I DIE!                          





I’m a self proclaimed “Relationship Inexpert”

Am I an expert in the matters of the heart? Not really. Am I an experienced person  when it comes to relationships? Hardly! Do I posses the necessary qualifications and educational background to claim to know what I am talking about? Negative that!



I am however, an active listener who has spent countless hours and days living veraciously through numerous love stories and heartaches. I have watched every episode of Sex and the City more times than I can count. I have also read many “reputable” books by playboys and dating experts to get educated from different sources. This coupled with a very analytical and reflective personality, created a self proclaimed “relationship inexpert” with a very different outlook on love. Besides, who wants to listen to someone who has got it all together anyhow?!!

That’s So Passé!

Through the voice of يةCarrieال, based on Carrie from “Sex and the City”, I explore different relationship conundrums while adding my quirky and sometimes geeky theories and observations.

I can’t promise you answers, but I can promise you that I will ask the necessary questions.