Love Is In The Air

For a notorious “Ice Queen”, this melted me …. Literally!

  1. Fall madly , deeply , crazy in love
  2. Write a love not with lipstick on the bathroom mirror
  3. Create deck of cards with the 52 things I love most about a person
  4. Write on Juliette’s wall in Verona and mail her a letter
  5. Write a secret admirer letter to someone special
  6. Ride a Gondola in Venice with someone I Love
  7. Go on a carnival date night
  8. Go on a bucket list date night and spend the day crossing off things from each of our bucket lists
  9. Add a lock to the lovers bridge in Paris
  10. Call all the people that I truly love and tell them so
  11. Take part in a grand proposal
  12. Create a successful love match
  13. Reenact a super cheesy scene from one of my favorite Rom-Cons
  14. Perform a major act of compromise for someone that I love