Clichés You Gotta Love

 Cliché means Clearly Laish La2 (Why Not) in my book!

  1. Send a message in a bottle
  2. Send post cards to myself from as many countries as possible
  3. Mail a letter to my future self in 20 years
  4. Mail a letter to a stranger and include $50 in the envelop. ask that person to add as much money as he/she would like then mail the money and the letter to another person in another country and do the same thing then mail me the status of the letter. When the letter has roamed the world the last person should mail me back all the money and the letter showing its route and I then donate all the money to a charity (let’s see how greedy people are)!
  5. Learn the dance chorography from Dirty dancing
  6. Be part of a flash mob
  7. Be a tourist in my own city
  8. Watch the sunrise and the sunset in one day
  9. Jump into a pool in a wedding dress
  10. Attend or host a murder mystery dinner
  11. Go on the Sex and The City tour in NYC
  12. Spend a night in a haunted house or castle
  13. Attend a Christmas dinner in a hideous Christmas sweater