Animaling Around

 Animals are like humans but with more predictable and acceptable levels of testosterone and estrogen!

  1. Milk a cow
  2. Ride a horse on the beach
  3. Ride a wild horse
  4. Ride an elephant
  5. Ride a camel
  6. Ride a donkey
  7. Go swimming with Elephants
  8. Go Swimming with a Sea Turtles
  9. Go swimming with dolphins
  10. Go swimming with sharks
  11. Go cage swimming with great white sharks
  12. Go whale watching
  13. Put a snake around my neck
  14. Hug a koala
  15. Hug a monkey
  16. Hunt with eagles in Mongolia
  17. Play with penguins in the wild
  18. Pet a lion
  19. Teach a parrot  to reply with “That’s What She Said” when spoken to!