I am an Atypical Saudi girl living in a very typical world!

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Budoor (A.K.A Budz, B, Badriya, Bader Albadoor, Asfoorah…I can go on)!

Reflections Of An Atypical Saudista is a reflection of who I am; a sarcastic, curious, adventurous with a twist of crazy, cynical optimist in search of my happy place, in search of my Tiffany’s.

I share my reflections on my life through the voices of 5 very different and unique characters. Each of those characters represents a part of me. Together, they tell the story of an Atypical Saudi girl living in a very typical world!

The Many Faces of Atypical Saudista

  • I explore the matters of the heart and soul through the voice of يةCarrieال , inspired by Carrie Bradshow from “Sex and the City”.
  • I share my love for useless facts through daily posts from  يةPhoebeال , based on Phoebe from the hit show “Friends”.
  • I explore my zest for life and exploration through the adventures of يةDoraال , inspired by “Dora the Explorer”. 
  • I share my love for fashion with daily looks and fashion trends from يةZoeال , based on the number one stylist, Rachel Zoe.
  • Finally, I try to shed some light on the amazing non profits and CSR initiatives around the region through يةAudreyال , based on the legend who always lent a helping hand to those in need, the late Audrey Hepburn.

Thank you for dropping by 🙂


Dare to be different,